A fraction is a part of the whole (object, thing, region). It forms the part of basic aptitude of a person to have and idea of the parts of a population, group or territory. Candidate must have a feel of ‘fractional’ thinking. eg, , here ‘12’ is the number of equal part into which the whole has been divided, is called denominator and ‘5’ is the number of equal parts which have been taken out, is called numerator.

Lowest Term of a Fraction

Dividing the numerator and denominator by the highest common element (or number) in them, we get the fraction in its lowest form.

eg, To find the fraction 6/14 in lowest form Since ‘2’ is highest common element in numerator 6 and denominator 14 so dividing them by 2, we get 3/7. Which is the lowest form of 6/14.

Equivalent Fractions

If numerator and denominator of any fraction are multiplied by the same number then all resulting fractions are called equivalent fractions.

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